The NH House voted to repeal our scholarship program when they passed HB370. Now the bill goes to the Senate where we have an advantage, though a slim one. We still need your help!
During an hour and a half of testimony at the House we heard from many passionate representatives who support our work. Rep. David Hess (R-Hooksett) said “about 95% of our population, the lower and middle income families, do NOT have school choice and the scholarship program will give ALL of our

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Yesterday, the NH House Ways and Means Committee heard nearly 4½ hours of testimony at the public hearing on HB370, the bill that would repeal the Education Tax Credit Scholarship Program, which passed last year.  

I want to thank the families and teachers who attended to share their stories, and the legislators and community leaders, who took a stand on behalf of the Education Tax Credit Scholarship program. We are very grateful for your support.  

One of our amazing families,