Good morning!  We're the Callum Family from Unity, NH.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who voted to table HB 370, with a very close vote, may I add.  My two children and myself had the opportunity to sit in on one of the hearings at the state house, regarding HB 370 last month.  I ended up speaking at that hearing and gave my opinion as to why our family was not supporting HB 370. I was very nervous to speak, but I did what I felt was the right thing to


Please share with your friends that the 85% Education Tax Credit against NH Business Income Taxes, for contributions to scholarships was not repealed!

A business, that would like to sponsor a scholarship for a child, can contribute today and once approved receive an 85% tax credit.
Our deadline to accept education tax credit contributions for scholarships is June 15th.

So please don't delay. Forward this exciting news to a NH business leader and ask them to sponsor a