by Tammy Drennan, NEO Senior Writer
Some public schools are learning something homeschoolers naturally practice and reap the benefits of -- it's good for kids and adults to be around babies. It makes them nicer and more empathetic.
A group called Roots of Empathy arranges programs in schools in which mothers visit with their babies. The effect on students and teachers is all-around positive -- and long-lasting.
One of the disadvantages of the way schools have developed in both the U.S. and abroad is that they have segregated children from their families and have further segregated them by age.
Homeschooling resolves this issue -- even for families with only one or two children, because homeschoolers tend to socialize as families. Private schools are in a good position to remedy the situation in any number of creative ways -- no extra dollars needed or political hoops to jump through.
Freedom works again.

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