by Tammy Drennan, NEO Senior Writer
We already know that students in public schools are tested, analyzed and remediated half to death, but even that doesn't seem to be enough. Now their every move is being tracked by radio frequency identification.
But, say Texas school officials, it's all for good reasons -- safety purposes, and more money, since students can be better accounted for when they don't show up for attendance recording.
What message does this send to our children, though? In what ways does it prepare them for citizenship? Does it accustom them (intentionally or otherwise) to be scrutinized by some authority at every turn, to believe they cannot be trusted to conduct their own lives unaided by the state, to believe that no one can be trusted?
For a people wishing to live free, these are serious considerations. Do we really want to condition our children to live under constant surveillance and think it's normal?
The move is toward greater state control over our children. Children's only real hope is their parents. NEO believes in empowering parents to reclaim their rightful place in their children's lives -- as leaders, stewards, and protectors.

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