Hope, Hunter and 54 other children in NH are pursuing their education – fully equipped – through homeschooling because they received scholarships through NEO. Their scholarships paid for computers, books and materials to keep them organized and put them on the road to excellence in education.
New Hampshire is the only state in the country in which such scholarship money can be used to help homeschoolers. There are no strings attached – no laws that restrict parents to purchasing only materials approved by one state entity or another.
Homeschooling has grown over the years to well over 2 million children and is seeing superb results. Children are thriving academically, socially and emotionally. Homeschooled students rank at the top in grades and are more likely than average to be involved in their communities. And colleges actively recruit these dedicated and well-rounded students.
NEO emphasizes that parents are the best people to determine what type of education is right for their children. The studies confirm this: parents want to make these choices for their children and children are more likely to succeed when parents are proactive and make the decisions about how their children are educated.
We need your help reaching parents so they will know they have choices. There are options for children in NH.
Take a look at Hope and Hunter in the pictures – they are studying with quality materials purchased with a NEO scholarship provided by a business owner. We were able to reach them with this opportunity because of donations from people like you – people who believe in the importance of education. We were able to secure their right to this choice through legislation because people like you gave of their hearts and their resources.
We can continue this outreach only with your help – you make it possible. If you can share today, we will put your donation to work immediately. Hope, Hunter and hundreds of other children thank you for helping them prepare for a future of excellence and possibility.

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