On August 28, 2014, the New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled that parents have the right to use scholarships funded by private contributions via the NH education tax credit for schools of their choice, including religious schools – that the plaintiffs had no standing in the case. Because donations to a scholarship organization are donated by businesses and are not government dollars, the highest court in NH said these plaintiffs had no grounds on which to make their claims that parents should be limited in their choices.

This is a huge victory for freedom in education! NEO has been at the forefront of this battle and we are thrilled with the court’s UNANIMOUS decision. We stood up to the bullies – and they were powerful ones – and won. It’s the only way to deal with bullies.

Who were we fighting for?  1,500+ young people who have applied for NEO scholarships thus far – bright, talented students, many trapped by their zip code in schools that are failing to meet their individual learning needs -- and the many students who will apply next year and the next and the next.

This is the work that you make possible when you donate to NEO!

With the August 28 court ruling, we are now able to focus on networking with businesses, families and education providers. That takes a lot of time and money. The scholarships are funded by business donors, but we must raise the funds to reach them, and also to reach families, keep the media and public informed and remain vigilant.

We are moving forward. We’re no longer just hoping for education freedom – we’ve achieved it and now we’re implementing it. We could really use your help.

Your help in continuing this work of hope is changing young lives and the future. That’s what we do all year long – work to make hope reality.

Please support our work. Every contribution means we are able to connect more people who want to help with those who are working hard but not quite able to span the gap that stands between their means and a good education for their children.

Thank you for all your past and ongoing support of our work. With your help, we are one step closer to making education freedom a reality everywhere. Please click here to donate today.


Kate Baker
Executive Director
Network for Educational Opportunity


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