Approximately 750 children have applied for the first year of scholarships and we will likely see 1,000 applicants by June, said Kate Baker, executive director of the Network for Educational Opportunity: “So families are really excited and interested in it. Particularly as the economy gets worse, more people need help.”
“Our program would save the state money, so it’s somewhat counterintuitive that they (the NH legislature) would want to repeal it from a fiscal perspective,” Baker said.
The uncertainty and controversy has meant another challenge, Baker said: “There are a lot of applicants but we have to work really hard to find donors.”
New Hampshire Education Tax Credit Safe—For Now
The Senate Finance Committee will hold two public hearings on HB 2 on Thursday, May 9th; the first is 3pm to 5pm and the second is 6pm to 8p,. The hearings will be in Representatives Hall.

It is imperative that the Senate understands the importance of the tax-credit scholarship program to NH families, and that the program is a tax-savings to New Hampshire!
HB 2 seeks to repeal the scholarships.

If you're unable to attend, emails are helpful, and phone calls are even more effective.

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