by Tammy Drennan, NEO Senior Writer
Women are more educated and more empowered than ever, writes Jennifer Marshall of The Heritage Foundation. So why are so many afraid to take in hand the education of their own children?
Marshall showcases Leigh Bortins as an example of the modern woman who is erudite and motivated to make sure her children grow up the same. Mrs. Bortins aspired to be a Navy pilot, but poor eyesight forced her to study aerospace engineering instead. When she married and brought four sons into the world, she chose to manage their education herself rather than leave it to chance in the public school system.
Today that endeavor is represented by her Classical Conversations, a business that encourages and equips parents and students to study the great literary works of the ages and enrolls 25,000 children.
"We discovered that we could participate in the conversations of mankind's greatest thinkers," Bortins writes. [Excerpt from Marshall's article]
Mrs. Bortins’ message to moms is: You can do it.

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