by Tammy Drennan, NEO Senior Writer
Teachers' unions put their money where their ideology is, you can say that much for them.
The NEA and AFT combined donated a tidy 5 million dollars plus some to the 2008 elections. They donate to support endless causes, many that most people would consider unrelated to education at all (except that education is one thing you can relate almost anything to).
These are old, well-oiled, well-connected organizations that are not going to take lightly any greater move toward independence on the part of people who feel the state has no business in their children's minds (and increasingly in every other part of their children's lives). They oppose vouchers and charter schools, of course, but you can be sure they're also plotting ways to control these very things should they enjoy any more success than they're currently experiencing.
Check out the statistics at the Center for Responsive Politics to see which politicians, committees and bills are benefiting from the largesse of the unions. Click on the tabs at the top of the pages for details.
National Education Association, 2008: $2,549,647
American Federation of Teachers, 2008: $2,845,923

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