Yesterday, the NH House Ways and Means Committee heard nearly 4½ hours of testimony at the public hearing on HB370, the bill that would repeal the Education Tax Credit Scholarship Program, which passed last year.  

I want to thank the families and teachers who attended to share their stories, and the legislators and community leaders, who took a stand on behalf of the Education Tax Credit Scholarship program. We are very grateful for your support.  

One of our amazing families, Dominique Vasquez-Vanasse, waited with her 2 small boys for almost four hours to testify against repeal.  Her message and the testimony of the many families in attendance was heard loud and clear!  The Chairman of the committee announced that emails to the committee were 70-1 against the repeal. 
I also want to inform you that we have the support of Senator Nancy Stiles, R- Hampton, who announced she will oppose the repeal bill and pointed out to the committee there is no cause for change now.

Other highlights from the testimony-

“All families – rich and poor – should have choices when it comes to educating their children.”   -Representative David Hess, R-Hooksett

“For the wealthy, options abound. If you have the means, you can afford to choose among many different choices for your children. While New Hampshire’s has better schools than most states, no one seriously believes that one school is the best possible choice for every student in a particular zip code without exception.  More opportunity, more choices lead to better outcomes.”   - Charlie Arlinghaus, the President of Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy

“It’s not a choice for us, if my son’s not in a school like this, he’s not going to succeed.” - Kimberly Nichols, a mother from Litchfield, New Hampshire

HB370 The bill to repeal now moves to Ways and Means, Executive Session and then the Committee will vote.

Across the nation, Education Tax Credit Scholarship programs have bipartisan support. As we continue to share information about the progress of the scholarship program and the very real needs of the families that have applied we believe NH Legislators from both sides of the aisle will understand and support our work.

270 children have already applied for scholarships to help pay tuition for private schools and out-of-district public schools, or for homeschooling expenses.  We know families need education options and these scholarships level the playing field for needy families in our communities and help them overcome barriers to an education that is a great fit for their child.

I’ve heard from families really willing to make incredible sacrifices for their children.  Let us keep our promise to these low-income children that have already applied for scholarships.

You can help us keep that promise by sending the committee a brief email that explains why they should keep the scholarship program in place and/or send a personal story of what educational options and a scholarship may mean to your family.  

The committee's email is .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or
to send a message to each member, find the list of members here.
Kate Baker, Executive Director




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