Network for Educational Opportunity (NEO) president, Alan Schaeffer, is pleased to announce that Kate Baker has been appointed Executive Director of NEO. NEO was a leader in working to pass the School Choice Scholarship Act in New Hampshire, and as executive director, Kate will be at the forefront of implementing the act’s provisions.
Among Kate’s responsibilities with NEO will be awarding scholarships to families, helping families and independent educators find and create innovative education solutions, and helping businesses understand and obtain tax credits for their contributions to NEO's scholarship program.
Kate has been working in New Hampshire on behalf of education reform for almost a decade, supporting homeschoolers, assisting parent groups in creating private and charter schools and counseling parents about available education options.  Alan Schaeffer stated, “We are thrilled to have Kate on our team. Her professional background in education, nonprofit management, issue advocacy and outreach make her the ideal individual to grow NEO and ensure the sustainability of the NH school choice program.”
Kate will help NH parents throughout the state make the best choices possible for the education of their children. She said, “It has been my personal mission to empower parents in the education of their children and to create choices for families in education. Over years of doing this work, I have helped many find the road to a better education for their children, but always one family at a time. Now I am absolutely thrilled to see before me the opportunity to combine my passion with the mission of NEO and impact the lives of many more children.”
NEO will have Education Tax Credit Scholarship information, applications and resources for parents, education providers, and businesses who wish to take advantage of this exciting new opportunity. For more information click here or contact, Kate Baker, at 603-785-0174

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