Wow! Big things are happening for us right now.
We have exciting news to report.
In April of last year the United States Supreme Court ruled against a claim by the ACLU that tax credits constituted government funding. The court ruled that money that never passes through government hands cannot be labeled government funding. Tax credits are legally private funding.
This ruling opened the door for legislation that NEO helped fashion and get passed in New Hampshire. The bill passed both houses by large majorities.
It's this Important
Senator Forsythe and Representative Greg Hill were tireless advocates of the new bill. Here’s how important they felt it was: “We and some of our fellow legislators would feel we could retire from office having fulfilled our most important mission if the only thing we accomplished was to get Donation Tax Credit legislation passed."
But after it passed, the governor of the state vetoed it! That’s where a NH mom, businesswoman and freedom fighter named Kate Baker came in. She rallied a host of volunteers to help convince the 400-member legislature to override the veto. And they did!
New Way of Doing Business
New Hampshire businesses may now donate to private scholarship organizations and receive tax credit for their contributions. This creates all manner of opportunity!
NEO will be operating as a scholarship organization in addition to our usual work, our major donors have refreshed their commitment to us and we’ve had some new donors come on board -- and I am pleased to announce that Kate Baker has joined the NEO team as executive director. She is eminently qualified and has already started developing the tools we’ll need to take advantage of this amazing new opportunity! You’ll be hearing from Kate often.
The future is now brighter and more hopeful for thousands of families and children. And New Hampshire is just the beginning. A precedent has been set. There’s excitement in the air! I look forward to a continued partnership between us and freedom-loving people like you!
Yours sincerely,
Alan Schaeffer, President
Network for Educational Opportunity
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