In April, more than a year ago, Senator Jim Forsythe presented a bill to study vouchers and charters to a house committee public hearing. Our own Alan Schaeffer attended the hearing on this bill. He gave testimony strongly suggesting the legislators add donation tax credit scholarships to their study and argued that donation tax credit funded scholarships are far superior and that vouchers would not be constitutionally viable in New Hampshire. They were very interested and hammered Alan with questions!

Once this idea was clearly grasped by several key legislators, they changed the bill to an “implementation” bill for tax credit scholarships and asked Alan if he would help write the legislation.

Having convinced the legislature of the merit of tax credits, Alan immediately called Andrew Coulson of CATO, who has studied tax credit programs extensively.. He connected Alan with Adam Schaeffer, also of CATO, because of Adam’s expertise in education policy. Alan and Adam then proceeded to write the strongest freedom-oriented school choice legislation in the country and Alan worked tirelessly to get that legislation passed. It’s been a long haul.

After a year and a half of writing, rewriting, presenting, persuading, and amending companion bills HB 1607 and SB 372 pass the house and senate with a veto proof majority and School Choice has come to NH.

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