by Cathy Cuthbert, NEO Board of Directors
We know tax revenues are down in every state and the word has gone out to dream up ways to squeeze taxpayers hard. Who hasn't noticed the virtual explosion in speed traps, as if a $20 billion budget deficit can be closed with a handful of $200 speeding tickets a day? And there's the tried and true, "We'll have to cut police and fire departments"--which to my way of thinking is hardly a threat. But you have to hand it to them, they've found a new one on me: the innovative toilet-paperless bathroom trick.
Back to School? Bring Your Own Toilet Paper.
The New York Times tells us that school systems across the country are advising parents to fill little Johnny's backpack with cleaning supplies and toilet paper, implying that there's simply no money in the budget to keep the joint stocked even with the basics. Now I ask you, does it really cost that much to supply toilet paper? They can't find even one redundant employee in the whole school system whose salary can't be diverted to supplies?
Or maybe this isn't as sinister a plot as I make it out to be. I have been informed by a very reliable source--another homeschool mom--that the school to which she sent two of her boys before homeschooling had absolutely filthy bathrooms that her boys refused to use, and this before the economic crisis, amazingly enough. Maybe little Johnny should have been toting Mr. Clean all these many years and school principals have suddenly all at once been stricken with an attack of honesty.
Be that as it may, any establishment this side of the third world that can't keep the facilities clean and stocked is not a place I or my children would bother to frequent.
As an aside but still referring to this article, any place for children that requires that they attend with scissors and crayons is in my book not properly referred to as a "school." Further, any child who is not old enough to address academics without such playthings is not ready to be separated from his parents for six hours a day, five days a week.
But that's a post for another day...

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