by Cathy Cuthbert, NEO Board of Directors
Rep. Michele Bachmann let the cat out of the bag. She "made the charge last week during an appearance on Fox Business Network. 'Taxpayer money will essentially be laundered through the public employee unions, and spent to reelect those same Democrats this fall,' Bachmann said, speaking about the $26 billion in state aid for education. 'And it will be used to go after the Republicans who refused to vote for the program.'"
For anyone paying attention, this is hardly a revelation. Since the days of the New Deal, when gargantuan amounts of money were borrowed and taxed away from citizens and then used to buy their votes--how else could FDR have won one landslide after another during the worst economy of the 20th century?--this tactic has become standard fare for both parties. See Albert Jay Nock's Our Enemy, the State, or the following link for an explanation by Burton Folsom.

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