by Cathy Cuthbert, NEO Board of Directors
If you'd like to have a glimpse of the future of education, take a look at the Mises Academy, a project of the Mises Institute, an Auburn, Alabama based economics think tank.
Since this summer they have been providing short courses in various topics in economics and history. They are using an interactive website not only to provide live video lectures, but to post the reading material, to link to additional audio and video in support of the lectures and to provide a chat function so that students can ask questions during the lectures and talk amongst themselves.
Even more amazing is that the Mises Academy is able to whip up classes quickly in response to current events.
The only drawback I can see is that there is no official accrediting of the coursework or giving transferable credits, a problem for college level work that I'm sure in time will be addressed. For most homeschoolers, this is no drawback at all since the parents provide the curriculum and evaluations.
Go to the Mises Academy webpage, What is an Academy Course Like?, for a video description and demo. Even though the vid is a tad hokey, you'll get the idea.
Couple this with MIT's open courseware concept, and watch them brick-and-mortar school walls come a-tumblin' down.

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