Creative Ways to Afford Private School

The first step toward affording the schooling you want for your children is commitment. Once you decide it's a priority, you can get down to the business of raising the funds you'll need. Here are some ideas to help you along that path.
  • First, don't limit yourself to only one way of paying for school. Make a list of many options and use as many as necessary.
  • Let's start simply. Pennies add up. Start a school piggy bank -- a big jar somewhere in your house where everyone can throw in money for education. Keep it where guests and relatives can contribute, too.
  • See if your chosen school will allow you to trade -- some teaching, a talent or skill you have -- for part of your tuition.
  • If you can fix things, see if your school will allow you to trade work for tuition.
  • Ask grandparents and other relatives to contribute to tuition for holidays (maybe part tuition and a smaller fun gift).
  • Cut back everywhere you can -- eat out less, buy a used car, live in a smaller house. Your child's education and well-being are far more important than nice things.
  • Encourage older children to help finance the schooling of younger siblings.
  • Make summer time into a fun family fundraising project. Do car washes or bake sales, or go door-to-door selling something. Other ideas: cut grass, babysit, take a paper route, walk or care for pets, do chores for neighbors, clean houses or offices, use your imagination!
  • Consider part-time private and part-time home schooling.
  • Consider homeschooling for one year to save up money for private schooling.
  • Ask a grandparent to finance your children's education on a loan basis -- or a trade basis (you or your children work in exchange for the money).
  • Sell some stuff you don't need or that's not as important as your children's education.
  • Take an extra job.
  • Sit down and brainstorm as a family (and even invite grandparents to the session). Have everyone come up with ways to save and to raise money. Not only will it be fruitful, it will be educational.