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You are building a bridge, for a child, from a school where they are struggling, to a school where they can succeed.

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Sponsor a Scholarship for a Student
homeschooled child full-year scholarship: $625
half-year scholarship for one child: $1,250
full-year scholarship for one child: $2,500
full-year scholarships for four children: $10,000
full-year scholarships for 10 children: $25,000
full-year scholarships for 20 children: $50,000
full-year scholarships for 40 children: $100,000

You could receive a substantial tax credit— 85% against BPT and/or BET—for supporting the Education Tax Credit Scholarships.
To apply for the education tax credit for your contribution to scholarships from the Network for Educational Opportunity:
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The Network for Educational Opportunity is a 501c3 nonprofit charity scholarship organization. All donations are tax deductible.
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Network for Educational Opportunity
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